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>> Industry - Metal Tubes and Pipes
Sector Scientific Instruments Tender Value N.A.
Location Goa - India Ref.No 26428907
Closing Date 28 - Dec - 2018  |  342 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply and Installation of Microwave Radiometer Profiler, 18mm Steel Wire Rope For Deep Sea Winch For Orv Sagar Kanya, High End Workstation, Gas Panels And Lines, Water Purification System etc.
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal - India Ref.No 25808211
Closing Date 19 - Nov - 2018  |  303 Days to go View Tender Details
Establishment Of District Meter Areas In Anandapur Area And Patuli Area (ward Nos 108, 107(Part), 110 (part), 101 (part) And 102 (part) (tentative Number Of Dmas = 17 Nos) #*. Providing D.I.K-7 Grade Pipes With Internal Cement Mortar Lining Of Assorted Diameters Between 100 Mm Dia To 300 Mm Dia #*. Providing Ms Pipes Of Assorted Diameters Between 300 Mm Dia To 600 Mm Dia For Water Loss Management #*. Providing Hdpe Pipes Of Assorted Diameters Between 100 Mm Dia To 200 Mm Dia #*. Providing And Supplying Gi & Mdpe Pipes Of Assorted Diameters Between 15 Mm To 40 Mm For Domestic Connection #*. Supply And Installation Of Various Types Of Valves Of Assorted Diameters #*. Supply And Installation Of Domestic Water Meters Of Assorted Diameters #*. Water Loss Reduction (nrw), Management Services And Operation And Maintenance Services For Anandapur Area And Patuli Area For A Period Of 3 Years
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 23326316
Closing Date 29 - Jun - 2018  |  160 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Pipe 10x1.5mm In Length Of 6000mm From Oem Suppliers Or Their Authorized Representativesas Per Din2391-C-Din17456 Grade 1.4301 X5crni1810 Solution Annealed 3.1b Identification Marking As Per Sme/Dev L.No.Md46131 Dt.03/05/06.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 27140641
Closing Date 11 - Apr - 2018  |  81 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Spares For Su-30 Aircraft - Bonding, Sealing Ring, Sealing Ring, Bolt For Built In Special Launcher, Screw, Bolt, Nut, Split Pin, Sealing Ring, Washer, Washer, Cotter Pin, Washer, Nut, Restrictor Assembled, Pipeline(Flaperon Hy Sys Ii), Limit Switch Of Probe Extended And Retracted Position , Pipe (Main Lcs), Nut, Nut, Sealing Ring, Ring, Pipe , Pipe Of Assembly, Screw Of Lh Pressure Filter Panel , Bolt, Nut, Bolt, Sealing Ring, Ring, Ring, Screw, Screw, Bolt For Uv-30mki Ejection Pod, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Sealing Ring, Sealing Ring , Sealing Ring, Ring, Ring, Rubber Sealing Ring, Ring, Sealing Ring, Washer, Washer, Washer, Washer, Nut, Profile L Shapr, Static Discharge Cab Le, Pipeline Of Airbrake, Ring, Comb Ined Control Panel Of Rear Cabin, Screw, Bracket, Bolt For Bm30pi Mounting Rack(Bm-30 Pi Mounting), Washer, Nut, Sealing Ring, Washer, Tee, Washer, Screw, Washer, Screw For Drain Valve, Ring, Stop, Clamp, Screw, Altimeter Screw, Screw, Screw, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Pin , Packing Ring, Clamp Attaching (Gp-25), Ring, Warning Device Sp3, Screw (Bolt), Bolt, Sealing Ring, Sealing Ring, Branch Pipe, Seal, Rivits For Assembly Rack Of Sura, Washer, Bolt, Sealing Ring , Sealing Ring (Rsf), Sealing Ring, Washer, Washer, Washer, Bolt, Bolt, Washer, Bolt, Pipe, Bolt, Branch Pipe, Nut, Nut, Washer, Screw, Screw, Screw, Bolt, Pipe Connnection.
Sector Air Transport Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 27159503
Closing Date 03 - Apr - 2018  |  73 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Non Return Valve, Packing Ring, Navigation Light Control Unit, Screw, Braid, Ring, Gasket, Ring, Electric Mechanism, Shock Absorber, Charging Connecting Pipe, Pitot Static Tube, Air Pressure Receiver, Instrument Of Intercomdevice Swith Set Of Cable, Compensating Intermediate Socket, Current Transformer Unit, Resistance Box, Plug, Amplifier, Label, Tee, Mug, Glass, Mach Number Warning Unit, Costume .
Sector Road Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Karnataka - India Ref.No 27222354
Closing Date 03 - Apr - 2018  |  73 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply brake lining and clutch fencings , shackle pins and bushes , water pumps and parts , thin world bearings , engine valves , guides and inserts , fuel injection pipes and leak f pipes , wheel bolts , nuts and axle studs, N.R.C engine spares , printing and supply of student pass, supply of plastic laminating pouches , P.S plates , blankets and chemicals , M.S . angles and M.S plates , supply of digital copier / Xerox machine , automotive grease , E.R.W spares tubes and C.R round tubes.(Scanned Image - Kannada Tender)
Sector Road Transport Services Tender Value Rs. 180 Million / 18 Crore
Location Karnataka - India Ref.No 27226684
Closing Date 03 - Apr - 2018  |  73 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Brake Lining and Clutch Facings, Shackle Pins and Bushes, Water Pumps and Parts, Thin walled Bearings, Engine Valves, Guides and Inserts, Fuel Injection Pipes and Leak off Pipes, Wheel Bolts, Nuts and Axle Studs, NRC Engine Spares, Plastic Laminating Pouches, PS Plates, Blankets and Chemicals, MS Angles and MS Flats, Digital Copier/ Xerox Machines, Automotive Lubricants, Automative Greases, ERW GI Square tubes and CR Round tubes. #*. Printing and Supply of Student Passes.
Sector Road Transport Services Tender Value Rs. 180 Million / 18 Crore
Location Karnataka - India Ref.No 27252761
Closing Date 03 - Apr - 2018  |  73 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Brake lining and clutch Fancings, shackle pumps and parts, thin walled bearings, engine valves, Guides and inserts, Fuel Injection pipes andleak off pipes, wheel bolts, nuts and Axle studs, NRC engine spares, Printing and supply of student passes, Supply of Plastic laminating pouches, Procurement of PS Plates, blankets and chemicals, MS angles and MS Flats, Digital Copier / Xerox Machines, Automotive Lubricants, automotive Greases, ERW GI Square tubes and CR Round tubes.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal - India Ref.No 26971171
Closing Date 02 - Apr - 2018  |  72 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Graphite Electrode Size:Nominal Dia-350mm(14" Apprx) X Long-1800mm With 6.35mm, Pitch(1/4"Approx.)Threaded Tapered & Nipple As Per Is : 9050-1979 Note:-20% Extra Nos., Of Nipples To Be Supplied Alongwith Whole Lot., Cylindrical Machined Graphite Electrode With Threaded Socket And Connecting Pins, As Per Is:9050-1979 And Drawing No. Esr/100/26 R1, Graphite Electrodes 254 Mm Dia X 1500mm Long Of Weight 134kgs Each With Nipples For, The Electrodes Of Weight 5 Kgs Each.With Pitch Filled., High Power (Hp) Graphite Electrode Nominal Dia 400 Mm With 4 Tpi Thread Nipple As Per, Is:9050-1979. Extra 10% Nipple To Be Supplied Along With Total Nipples Required, Ladle Refractory Lining Bricks For Lfvd Ladle 20 Ton Capacity As Per, Drg.No.Lfvd/1000/30 R7. Set "A" Mini Key Type, Linear Refractories For Ingot Mould ( Type- A ) As Per Drg.No.- Lfvd / 1000 / 13 R5., Liner Refractories For Radial Forging Ingot Mould As Per Drg. No.Lfvd/1000/13/1/R1., Body Lining Bricks For 20/22 Ton Eaf As Per Drg. No-15arc/1000/192., Body Lining Refractory Bricks For 15 Ton Arc Furnace For Set-B Of Drg.No. 15, Arc/1000/159 R4., Bottom Pouring S.G Iron Ingot Mould To Size 420mm Dia X 2180 Mm Long As Per, Drg.No.Lfvd/1000/12/A Rev.1. Material Specn. Spheroidal Cast Iron Is:1865,, Grade:400/18.Firm Should Submit T.C From Nabl Accredited/Govt.Approved Lab Only, For Basic Matal & Mechanical Properties., 31 Inch C.I. Ingot Mould As Per Msf Drg No.Oh 1012/72 R2 (Item No.1 Only), Manufacture Of C.I. Ingot Mould 175 Mm Dia To Msf Drg.No. Mp/121 R1., S.G.Iron Ingot Mould To Size 20'' X 2500 Mm As Per Drg. No-Oh /1012/153 R1.Material, Specn:S.G.Iron Is:1865,Grade:400/18.Firm Should Submit T.C.From Nabl Accredited/Govt., Approved Lab For Basic Material & Mechanical Properties., C. I. Mould 23"For Radial Forging As Per Drg. No. Oh/1012/150/1 (R1), 4 Way 8 Mould Bottom Pouring Set For 20 Ton Eaf As Per Msf Drawing No:Oh-390., 4 Way 4 Mould Bottom Pouring Set For 20 To Eaf As Per Msf Drawing No:0h-389., Bottom Plate For 20 Ton Eaf As Per Drawing No:Oh-385., Bottom Pouring S.G.Iron Ingot Mould To Size 450 Mm Diax2250mm Lg As Per Drg. Noo., H.-387. Matl. Specn-Spheroidal Castiron As Per Is:1865 Grade 400/18. Firm Shall Submit, T.C.Fromnabl Accredited/Govt Approved Lab. Only For Basic Materialand Mechanical, Properties, Bottom Pouring S.G Iron Ingot Mould To Size 385 Mm Dia X2265 Mm Long As Per Drg. No., Oh-391. Material Specn. Spheroidal Cast Iron Is:1865 Grade:400/18. Firm Should Submit, T.C. From, Nabl Accredited/Govt. Approved Lab Onlyfor Basic Metal & Mechanical, Properties., Graphite Crucible For Laddle Of Slag Melting Furnace As Per Msf Drg No. Lfvd/1000/22, (Sheet No.3/3), High Alumina Refractory Cement. Trade Name :"Whytheat Grade Lwb Specn: Al2o3:, 90%Min.,Sio2:2 To 3 %, Fe2o3:0.75% (0.80% Max) Max.Service Temperature:1750, Deg.C.Max.Grain Size :5 Mm. Packed In 50 Kgs Hdpe Bags., Fluorspar To Specification - Is-4574-1989 (Reaffirmed-2003)Grade-3 [Composition:Caf2-80, % Min,Sio2-8% Max,Caco3 -3% Max Mixed Oxide(R2o3 - 3.5% Max,S-0.3% Max,Pb - 0.3%, Max).Pellet Form Having Size - 1" To 3"., Dolomite Fettling Mass For Hot Repair Of Bank And Bottom Of Eaf.Chemical, Composition: %Mgo= 36 - 40, %Cao= 55 - 59,% Sio2= 1.5 Max,%Fe2o3= 4 Max .Size Grading 0 -, 5 Mm ,95% Min.Will Pass Through The Shieve Of The Maximum Grain Size Indicated., Ferro-Chrome ( High Carbon ) To Specification Is: 1170-1992,Grade- 1, Designation 7 Fe Cr-, 65, Chem.Comp.:- Cr%:60-70,C%:6-8,Si%:1.5-4;Residual Elements & Others: As Per Specn., Particle Size: Between 100 Mm To 150 Mm,Under Size: 5% Max,Oversize: 10% Max. Free, From Extraneous Contaminations Etc., Ferro Manganese [H C] To Specn. Is - 1171-1996, Grade-Fe Mn 72 [Size Of The Lumps 50 Mm, To 150 Mm With Percentage Of Fines Limited Up To 10 %,], Iron Ore To Specification Is : 5442-1992, Gr.57/59, Particle Size- 200 +10mm. Fe Content, Should Be Minimum 57%", Ferro Vanadium.To Specn.Is: 1466-1985,(Reaffirmed In 1996),Grade-Fe V 55, (Lc)(Material To, Be Supplied In Size Between 25mm To 50mm).Firm's Test Certificate From Nabl Accreded, Laby/Govt.Recognised Laby;As Per Specn.Must Be Attached While Supplying Matl, Ferro Molybdenum To Specn Is:1469-1993,Gr:Fe-Mo 63,C-10;Chemcomp.=Mo%:60-, 65,C%:0.10mx,Si%:2.0max,S%:0.08max,P%:0.06maxcu%:0.50max,Al%:0.50max,Pb%:0.01max,Sn%:0, .03max.Particle Size:Over 25 Mm Upto And Including 50 Mm,Under Size By Mass:5%Max,Over Size, By Mass:10%Max.Other Requirements:As Per Specn, M.S. Starter Plate Size - 20 Mm X 1000 Mm X 1200 Mm As Per Msf Drg No - Esr/1000/03 ., Fully Machined As Per Drawing And, Fitted With Boss -03 Nos In Each Plate ., Bottom Flat Tool For 2650 Mt Forging Press Drg.No.Ngf/282 R2, Top Plate & Bottom Plate As Per Drg No - Lfvd/1000/32., Phosphating Chemical For Steel Items With Specn.As Follows: Bath Conc.% 5 To, 10,Total Acid Titration/Bath Point 25 To 40 Immersion Time:15 To 20 Mins.At 85 To 90, Deg.C Bath,Coating Wt.: 800 To 1000 Mg/Sq.Ft.,Sp.Gr.1.4to1.44.Colourless,Fr
Sector Other Electrical Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab - India Ref.No 24488724
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2018  |  70 Days to go View Tender Details
Contractors For Various Items - Valve Castings Preferably Machined Castings, Packing Boxes (reserved For Mses Only), Welding Electrodes, Gases, Chemically Cleaned Cloth, Non Ferrous Items, Investment Castings, Steel Ball, Oil Seal And O Ring, Ring Terminal, Terminal Block, Lovejoy Flexible Coupling, Verdigris Green Paint, Cable Gland, Used Container, Welding Consumables, Limit Switch (light Duty And Heavy Duty), Padlock (category Reserved For Mse Suppliers Only Sr. No. 197 In Mse Order), Cam Roll Bearings, Sintered Bronze Bush, Malleable Iron Castings & Sg Iron Castings, Fasteners (reserved For Mse Vendors Only Sr. No. 23), Eye Bolts, Limit Switch For Valves, Packing And Bull Rings, End Covers, Wall Blower Sub-Assemblies, Pipes & Tubes, Aluminum Castings, Ni-Resist Yoke Bushes, Fuel Pipe Coupling Gasket, Steel Rounds, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Wall Blower Motors (category Reserved For Mse Suppliers Only), Machined Components, Emery Paste, Ball Bearing, Cables, Ls Mount Cover, Name/Tag Plate, Push Button, Sim /washers, Gland, Cam Roll Bearings, Machining Job-Work.
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