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Sector Food Processing Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 21812219
Closing Date 12 - Mar - 2022  |  1809 Days to go View Tender Details
Tender Id 2015 Mfpi_58673_1 Dated 02.02.2015- Rfp For Providing It Consulting Service For Streamlining Government Processes And Procedures
Sector Electronics Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar - India Ref.No 21954480
Closing Date 02 - Jan - 2021  |  1375 Days to go View Tender Details
Making AADHAR Card mandatory.
Sector Electronics Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar - India Ref.No 19964256
Closing Date 22 - Nov - 2017  |  238 Days to go View Tender Details
Selection of System Integrator for Implementation of CCTV Surveillance System at Police stations in Bihar.
Sector Other Electrical Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 19396044
Closing Date 16 - Sep - 2017  |  171 Days to go View Tender Details
Services Contract for Web Hosting – Mm Systems.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 22288283
Closing Date 29 - May - 2017  |  61 Days to go View Tender Details
Hiring of comprehensive AMC of hardware at Database Group. WOB, /ONGC, Vadodara.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 22309432
Closing Date 29 - May - 2017  |  61 Days to go View Tender Details
Elect. Work in connection with electric lifting barrier with Datalogger & Integrated power supply system at Block section interlocked gates (41 Nos.)& electrical work in 33Nos.gates only.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana - India Ref.No 21963247
Closing Date 24 - May - 2017  |  56 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Fungitel Kits, O.T. Table for Day Care OT, O.T. Lights for Day care OT, Diathermy for dy care OT, autoclave sterilizer for Day care OT, Portable suction machine for day care OT, Tissue Embedding workstation, Ultrasonicator Q 700-220 Digital Sonicator with ½” probe, Thyroid uptake system, lover tract endoscopic Instruments, Digital HD Camera for Endo-Urological Use, Bio-Medical waste Sterilization system for Robotic Centre, automated Innunoassay Analyzer, Infant lung function testing equipment, phadia 100 laboratory instrument, multi para vital sign monitors(wall mountable), Micromotor saw system for maxillofacial surgery, piezosurgery Unit for maxillofacial surgery, Tersting machine for testing the tensile, shear bond and compression strrngth of bands and bonding material in denstistry, photostimulable phosphor (PSP), Endodontic Operating Microscope, Portable computerized pedisatric pyrometer with accessories, special bronchscopy integrated audio system, antivirus software, projector charts, samll flash autoclave, Fluorescent microscope with LED Illumination, O.T. Light for Main O.T., Pneumatic Drill, Nailing Set, Fracture Suction machine, anesthesia workstation, defibrillators, Liquid Nitrogen container, Continuous renal replacement therapy Equipmenrt, portable ventilator, Intermitent pneumatic compression device, manimallu invasive Neurosurgery Instruments, manual pipetting liquid system, Biosafty cabinet class 2 type IIA, Gel Documentaion system, Real Time PCR, Cardiac Monitors, Individually ventilated cages, Intermittent pneumatic compression Devices, Lasor Coagulation equipment for Fetal Medicine, Integratef material and Fetal Interpartum monitor, inverted phase fluorescent mocroscope, Elisa plate Reader, High Throughput HbAlc analyzer (HPLC), Cryostat with UVC Disinfection for high quality, ACMC of Computers printers, Bi-header Mocroscope, Nephlometer, Inverted microscope with screen, teaching microscope dual head with photomicrography and computer attachments, hand Picces with micromotor, walk in cold room on turnkey and buy back basis, quadruple blood collection bags-450 ml with SAGM for the year 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20, Cold Room 4'C, Protable screening ultrasound.Doppler machine, Demonstration microscope with camera and LED Assays, Radio Frequqncy Unit, Bar code Reader/Printer, Cold Centrifuge (Floor Model) on buy back basis, EEG system, workstation along with Server, EMG Biofeed Unit, VO Max Analyzer with Treadmil, Real Time PCR, High Definition Surgical Recording System with Medical grade monitor, Slit Lamps, Midface distraction system, F.F.A. Camera, Penta Cam, Cardiac Gamma Camera, Dual Headed Spect (CT) Gamma Cemra, High frequency cum Traction Unit (Buy Back basis), Benchtop Liquid Chromatography tandem mass spectrometry system, skill labs for Arthoscopy, Advanced Ultrasound system with Accessories for Robotic assisted Surgical Procedures, High energy Liner Acclerator with Latest Technology on buy buy back Basis of Existing CLINAC 2300, Fluorescence Based Immuniassay system for Neonatal screening, C-Mac videolaryngoscope.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value Rs. 33.10 Million / 3.31 Crore
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 22107058
Closing Date 16 - May - 2017  |  48 Days to go View Tender Details
Design Construction Erection Commissioning Trial Run of 1 MLD STP at Smriti Van Jhalana on Turnkey basis based on SBR technology with PLC SCADA Systems Allied works and O and M for 3 years at City.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 22305752
Closing Date 16 - May - 2017  |  48 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Microprocessor based electronic speed indicating, recording system, and 01 evauluation software for every 10 sets OFSPM [without memory card reader unit communication cable for master to slave] for WAG-9,WAP-7 and WAP-5 Type -3 phase Locomotives
Sector Scientific Instruments Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 22316143
Closing Date 16 - May - 2017  |  48 Days to go View Tender Details
Wireless Connectivity In IIRS Campus. #*. Annual Maintenance Contract for Up-Gradation and Maintenance of Website at IIRS. #*. Hiring of Photocopier Machine (Digital). #*. Renewal of Microsoft License under School and Campus Agreement. #*. Noy Trace Gas Analyzer. #*. Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer.
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